Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Highs and Lows: June 2016's Best and Worst Movie!

June marks the halfway mark for 2016. Can you believe it? There are only a few more month of summer blockbusters before we get into the Oscar months!

We are here to share with you our picks for the best and worst theater movie from June 2016! This helps us recap what we really liked and what we absolutely hated every month, and it will also let you know what film is worth spending your money on and what you should avoid entirely.

Here are our picks for June!

*May 2016's Best Release*"Finding Dory" - Pixar has a track record of making amazing films. "Finding Dory" is no exception. It is a wonderful movie filled with excellent voice over work, brilliant and hilarious new characters, crisp and ever-evolving animation, bright, flashy colors, and a fun, adventurous spirit. Kids will love it for the newness it brings to the franchise, and adults will love the nostalgia factor. It's almost as good as "Finding Nemo."  Our rating: 8.5/10.

*May 2016's Worst Release*"Independence Day Resurgance" - Though not completely terrible, "Independence Day Resurgence" is the worst movie of June 2016. It's a shell of its original, which actually had good effects that have now been turned into a CGI-infested spectacle that is nowhere near entertaining, drags on and on and on, sacrifices character development in exchange for pizzazz in the form of battles scenes, and suffers from a lack of engagement, a lack of interest, and a lack of talent. It's all flash and no substance.  Our rating: 4/10.

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