Thursday, June 9, 2016

Highs and Lows: May 2016's Best and Worst Movie!

May was a good month for us personally. BigJ and I celebrated our birthdays and had a wonderful time celebrating with our friends and families. We also saw TONS of movies that month! Now, we're into the full swing of the summer blockbusters, and we cannot wait for what the season brings us at the cinema!

We are here to share with you our picks for the best and worst theater movie from May 2016! This helps us recap what we really liked and what we absolutely hated every month, and it will also let you know what film is worth spending your money on and what you should avoid entirely.

Here are our picks for May!

*May 2016's Best Release*"Captain America: Civil War" - One of the best movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, "Civil War" is mostly the complete package. The effects are great, the direction divine, and the new characters steal the show. It never feels bloated of unfocused, even with so much going on. It balances its darker themes with fun, entertaining, and enthralling moments that left us wanting more. There are tons of exciting sequences mixed in with a lot of engaging human drama, some appropriate laughs, and a couple of standout performances. This is a well-rounded movie you can both get invested in and be constantly surprised by. Our rating: 9.5/10.

*May 2016's Worst Release*"The Darkness" - Bloody freakin' awful. We just don't understand why directors and studios feel the need to make crappy horror movies. The serve no purpose and do no good! It's like they are trying to ruin the genre! Devoid of any and all scares, terribly written, utterly boring, full of awful and unlikable characters, and complete waste of Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell, this movie blows. Skip, skip, skip, don't even waste your free Redbox rental on this crapfest. Our rating: 1/10.

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