Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Short Film Review: "Timecode" (2016)

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Director: Juanjo Giménez Peña
Year: 2016
Rating: ---
Running Time: 15 minutes

Two security guards form a relationship by sharing timecodes with one another on the security camera system at their work.

"Timecode" is an Oscar nominated live action short film directed by Juanjo Giménez Peña, who wrote the short along with Pere Altimira. It stars Lali Ayguadé as daytime security guard Luna, and Nicolas Ricchini as nighttime guard Diego. This short is about the sweet connection of two guards who find a "partner" in each other through the closed circuit security system that they monitor constantly at their work. This seems to be a boring, mundane job. When Luna is asked to investigate a damaged car at the parking lot, she notices Diego doing something that piques her interest. She responds by leaving a timecode and camera number on a sticky note for him to check, replying to his actions. As the two go back and forth trading timecodes, they form a bond with one another through these secret videos.

This is a fun, refreshing little story that is quite charming and reminds us it's always important to enjoy yourself no matter what you do and no matter where you are. Shorts like this, ones that tell such a fantastic story in a short amount of time, make us fall in love with them all over again every time we watch one. "Timecode" is short enough to keep you engaged, but deep enough to leave you wanting more. We would not be made if this short won at the Oscars come Sunday February 26th, 2017!

My Rating: 8/10
BigJ's Rating: 8/10
IMDB's Rating: 7.3/10

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