Saturday, June 3, 2017

10 Movies to Get You In the Mood for Summer!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, summer is upon us! What better way to get into the spirit of sun and sand than with a list! But not just any list! This is a list of 10 movies that'll get you in the mood for summertime, ones we love and hope you enjoy during the upcoming dog days of summer. We hope you enjoy, and please let us know some of your favorite summer flicks!
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1. "Caddyshack" (1980)
When you're prepping to tee off this summer, what better way to get ready than to sit down and enjoy this summer classic that boasts numerous hilarious comedians in their prime? Some comedies come and go, but "Caddyshack" has managed to stand the test of time. We are huge fans of it, even if it has its moments of riotous, absurd comedy interlaced with cheap slapstick and poorly yet cheesily animated gophers.
Maybe spending your summer at an all-inclusive resort is more your speed? If so, you can get a few dance tips and fall in love like Baby in "Dirty Dancing," a classic that's set in the 60's but feels oh so 80's. We smile, laugh, and cheer every time Swayze utters the iconic line, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner." 
Is the beach your summer destination of choice? You may rethink your day of splashing around in the waves if you watch this Oscar nominated classic from Steven Spielberg. With great tension, a compelling story, and fabulous acting, "Jaws" is a must see, and while the shark might not look perfect by today's standards, it's still pretty damn terrifying.
Tired of your parents telling you what to do on your "off" months? See how Joe handles this situation in a gem of a coming-of-age indie dramedy. It's all about trying to find yourself and discover who you are as a man. A wonderful, touching story.
Some people just want to spend their summer relaxing at home, pining over their crush, and spending time with their best friend. This outstanding film has young Veda doing all those things over her summer, while learning some of the harshest lessons life has to offer. This comedy will make even the most hardened souls cry like a baby. 
Baseball is the sport of the summer. This nostalgic family comedy will help you remember your days of fun, friendship, playing ball, and going to the pool. It's the best baseball movie ever made featuring a giant baseball stealing dog. 
Is adventure your thing? Taking a hike with friends and sleep under the stars? This coming-of-age Stephen King drama is perfect for you. This is one of our favorites and is loaded with heart, humor, and truth. Plus, its short run time makes it a breeze to watch. 
For those who weren't able to keep their grades up, or are just looking for some extra credit, summer means more school! At least you can take a break long enough to watch "Summer School." This film shows what happens when you pair unruly kids with a reluctant, laid back teacher...and it's a riot. Don't go getting any crazy ideas now!
What is more "summer" than a family road trip to an amusement park? It always sounds like a good idea, but like Clark Griswold finds out in "Vacation," things don't always go as planned. This is an outrageously funny comedy that takes an honest though over-the-top look at everything that can possibly go wrong on a vacation trip. 
Sometimes, you need to take a vacation from your problems. That's exactly what Bob does in this charming, goof-filled flick. Unfortunately for Dr. Marvin, his problems seem to follow him wherever he goes. Of course, his problem is the aforementioned Bob. It's hard to beat a movie with Bill Murray, especially when he shares such great chemistry with Richard Dreyfuss as his counterpart.

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