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Gaslamp Popcorn Review!

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We've got another fun post to share with you today, cinephiles! We were sent a package by Gaslamp Popcorn so we could try and review a few bags of their most popular flavors! Of course, movies and popcorn go hand in hand, so we are really looking forward to sharing our opinions with you hardcore movie lovers.

Before we jump into our thoughts, we wanted to tell you a little bit about this company. All of their popcorn is made in small batches. It's all natural, non-GMO, gluten free, and comes with just a tiny dash of sea salt in every bag. Movie theaters are notorious for slathering butter and salt all over your bag of golden popped nuggets of goodness, so it's nice that Gaslamp Popcorn dials the flavor profile waaaay back to let the popcorn be front and center and shine!

Also, this company has local roots! Two decades ago, Gaslamp Popcorn began making popcorn in the Gaslamp District of San Diego, which is practically right down the street from us! They have since expanded into other major markets, and it was cool when we discovered this company started right here in America's Finest City. You can read more about the company's origins here!

We had been out all day when the package arrived at our house, but when we got home, we noticed this huge box at the front door. When we opened it up, we were blown away by the different varieties they sent us and we started trying them immediately. Let's get into the reviews.
The first variety we tried is their classic Sea Salt & Olive Oil. We figured we'd get a baseline for the true flavor of their popcorn this way. This is a simple, stripped down, straightforward popcorn with just enough salt to keep you interested. This is good by itself, but better to mix with other items like cinnamon red hots or caramel M&Ms (both of which are delicious), or to use in popcorn balls. If you're like us, you may want to check out the varieties down below because we enjoy lots of spice and flair in our snacks. The best part about this variety is it's only got 37 calories per cup, and the bowl pictured above shows one serving (3.25 cups). If you're into just a teensy, tiny little bit of sea salt like Ariel and Sebastian here, grab yourself a bowl and watch "The Little Mermaid" while you're at it.
For fans of cheese, look no further than Gaslamp's California crafted Authentic White Cheddar flavored popcorn. This was the second variety we tried. While a lot of the cheddar popcorns we have tried in the past have been too greasy and/or too artificial tasting, Gaslamp's version finds a way to transcend both of those ick factors and blends tanginess and their already delectable lightly salted popcorn to make some truly savory morsels. Can't get enough of the cheese? Companion movies for this flavor include "Howard the Duck" and the original "Sharknado!" Aren't those Funko Pop! dolls adorable?!
Gaslamp's Authentic Kettle Corn was next up on our list. This stuff is dangerous, but in the best way imaginable! It's not too terribly sweet, which we appreciate. Some kettle corns are far too sugary for our liking. It's has the perfect amount saltiness, like our good but touchy pal Anger, and just the right touch of sweet glacé like Bing Bong. "Inside Out" will give you a perfect incorporation of emotions while eating this variety!
The last flavor we got to try is the Malibu Mix, which combines the three aforementioned varieties in one bag for the ultimate salty and sweet combo. This was our absolute favorite. It's got the tang and saltiness from the white cheddar popcorn mixed in with the sweetness from the sugary lil' kettle corn nuggets, plus the regular sea salt and olive oil blend...PERFECTO! We have demolished a bag and a half of this variety and see no end in sight to our newfound addiction. Wow. It's so good.

Thank you SO much for letting us try your incredible products, Gaslamp Popcorn! You have made two new lifelong fans in BigJ and I, and we are now on the hunt to find your Cinnamon Caramel flavor!

Please be sure to check out Gaslamp Popcorn all over the internet!

*while these products were provided to us free for review, we were not compensated in any other way, and all opinions are our own.

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