Friday, June 16, 2017

Show Biz in a Box Subscription Review!

Hey hey, cinephiles! Today, we have something very special to share with you! We were sent a package by Show Biz in a Box to open and review for you all. Show Biz in a Box is a monthly subscription service that costs about $30 per month. Each month's box is filled with awesome movie related items like posters, movie goodies, souvenirs, pamphlets, books, CDs, and more. This is the perfect box for casual movie fans, hardcore cinephiles, performers, directors, and film students alike! Let's take a look at what's inside!
The entire thing comes in a box like this, and the first thing we noticed was the STAR WARS sticker on the front! Turns out, this month's box is devoted to celebrating the 40th anniversary of one of our favorite franchises, and we couldn't be more thrilled to tear into the package and see what's what.
Here's what's on the inside of the box. Just a quick thank you and reveal of this month's theme.
If at the end of this post, you want to subscribe to this box, use the code LOLOLOVESFILMS at checkout and you will receive 25% off the price of any Show Biz in a Box subscription! It's that easy!
Here's the first bunch of stuff!

  • BB-8 journal: this will be perfect for us because I take notes when we go to the movies and can always use more paper!
  • Star Wars crayons: self-explanatory! we will save these for when our niece and nephew come over!
  • "Who is George Lucas?" book: this looks like it might be pretty interesting, just in case you want to more about the man behind "Star Wars" himself! It looks like it may mostly geared towards younger readers, but no bother!
  • Admit One notepad: another small pad of paper.
  • Movie Hangman: a nifty puzzle book that'll be great for those who enjoy such things. If you know me in real life, chances are you know I have a puzzle book in every room. Right up our alley!

This is quite possibly one of the coolest things in the box. It's a Star Wars Fandex! Want to know about any of the characters in the Star Wars universe? Here's a handy dandy guide that will tell you everything you want to know right in one place. Want to know about Emperor Palpatine? Forget where Princess Leia is from? This set of cards will tell you!
Close-ups of the Fandex! Admiral Ackbar forever.
I'm a sucker for tins of all shapes and sizes, so when we saw this Darth Vader tin, I got abnormally excited. When we opened it...
...we saw it was filled with Star Wars lollipops! Woohoo! We are going to *try* and save some for when the kids in our life come over, but we're not doing a very good job. Hey, sometimes you need a piece of candy while you're watching movies at home, right?
"Spaceballs" is one of our favorite comedies of all time. In fact, we just reviewed it not too long ago on our site. We are absolutely stoked to say this box contained the Blu-ray for "Spaceballs," which we have wanted to buy, but don't already own. WOW! We had no clue Show Biz in a Box added actual Blu-rays, so neat. We can't wait to watch the special features for that film. And finally, the box also had a Blu-ray copy of "American Graffiti," and it'll also be cool to watch the extra features on that one as well!

What a fun, interesting niche subscription box! We will definitely be checking out what else this company has in store in the future because of all the goodies we got in this package. Thanks SO MUCH to the awesome people over at Show Biz in a Box for hooking us up and letting us review their product!

**though we were provided this box for review purpose, all opinions are our own.

**DON'T FORGET!** If you want to sign up for Show Biz in a Box, use our code: LOLOLOVESFILMS and you will receive 25% off of the price of any subscription to their service, then you can be a show biz insider, too!
Feel free to check out our YouTube video of this unboxing, and be sure to subscribe to our new YouTube channel!

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