Sunday, July 9, 2017

June 2017 HorrorPack Subscription Box Review!

We were recently made aware of an awesome monthly subscription box called HorrorPack. Each month, the company will send you four horror-themed DVDs or Blu-rays (and a different set of movies depending on which format you choose) right to your doorstep! The movies are yours to keep, which is the coolest part about it! What a neat service for fans of scary movies. As you may or may not know, we dedicate the entire month of October on this here site to Halloween and have a Horror Movie Marathon each year!

So, wanna know what's inside this month's box?! Let's see what we got in June 2017's HorrorPack subscription box!
The first movie in the box was "Deathgasm," a 2015 horror comedy directed by Jason Lei Howden in his directorial debut. This movie has been on our Netflix queue for quite some time, but we've never watched it for one reason or another. We are happy to own it because we've heard good things! New Zealand cinema is where it's at. Love that cover, too.
Next up was "Children of the Corn: Genesis" (2011), a horror thriller and the eighth film in the "Children of the Corn" series. It is directed by Joel Soisson. We actually had no clue this movie existed. We watched the original for our horror marathon last Halloween, and we honestly didn't remember it being so cheesy. We may wind up watching this entire series of films, including this one, for our aforementioned horror movie month coming up in October.
The third movie we pulled out of the box was "The Scarehouse" (2014). It's a horror crime thriller directed by Gavin Michael Booth. It starts Booth's wife Sarah, as well as Kimberly-Sue Murray and Katherine Barrell. We enjoy the cover of this movie, and even though the description sounds sort of vague, this looks like it may be intriguing. We shall see! Plus, did you notice it is signed by two of the stars of the film (one is under the sticker)? This is now the second signed movie we own!
Finally, the fourth movie in this month's HorrorPack was the best of them all, a little movie called "Killer Piñata" (2015). With a name like that and a tagline like "Filled With Sweet Revenge"...COME could it NOT be fantastic?! We actually had the chance to watch this movie already, and we have to say, it's pretty damn amazing. This is a must watch for fans of cheesy, goofy horror flicks. It's exactly what it sounds like: a killer piñata is on the loose, and it's out for blood. You need to check this one out!

If reading is not your thing, check out the unboxing we did on YouTube!

We want to thank HorrorPack for sending us this awesome package. We love the idea of this service and have really enjoyed this month's box, so we're looking forward to subscribing in the future! Thank you so much! If you'd like to subscribe to this service, click here to receive a discount on your first box!

Please be sure to check out HorrorPack all over the internet!

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