Tuesday, January 2, 2018

10 Amazing Movies from 2017 You May Have Missed

Another year of movies has come and gone, and though most moviegoers have seen many of 2017's biggest blockbusters on the silver screen, several other worthy films have flown under the radar with only modest box office returns. Here's a list of 10 amazing films from 2017 you may have missed that are definitely worth checking out.
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"Ingrid Goes West" (lifetime domestic gross: $3,024,308)
Our world is obsessed with the internet & social media. This dark comedy looks at what happens when an online obsession goes too far & shows what can happen when you share your life with total strangers. Great performances by Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen help show the difference between an online persona & real life. 4/5
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"Maudie" (lifetime domestic gross: $6,170,998)
The true story of Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis & her relationship with her gruff, often disagreeable, sometimes abusive husband Everitt Lewis. We see her development as a person fighting a disability & as an artist. We also see the first of two Oscar-worthy performances from Sally Hawkins this year. 4/5
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"mother!" (lifetime domestic gross: $17,800,004)
By far the most controversial film of the year. Using metaphor to explore religion & social issues, director Darren Aronofsky tells an allegorical tale while refusing to hold the audience's hand to guide them to a conclusion. It's always provocative & sometimes downright offensive, but this is a film that will definitely spark conversation. 4.5/5
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"Only The Brave" (lifetime domestic gross: $18,062,909)
This true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots boasts a great cast giving wonderful performances. It is sure to inspire & tug at your heartstrings as it examines the stories of the men who risk their lives fighting wildfires. 4/5
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"Patti Cake$" (lifetime domestic gross: $800,148)
The tale of a young, overweight white woman from New Jersey trying to make it as a rapper. She has immense talent & lives just across the river from the world's biggest music mecca, but it might as well be a million miles away for the financially struggling daughter of an alcoholic who too failed to her achieve her dream of music stardom. Fantastic music, wonderful performances. 4/5
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"Professor Marston and the Wonder Women" (lifetime domestic gross: $1,584,759)
We have all seen "Wonder Woman," but without professor Marston & his unconventional lifestyle, the most recognizable female superhero in the world may have never existed. The highly underappreciated Rebecca Hall does an amazing job as Mrs. Marston, one of the two women who inspired the iconic character we know & love today. 4/5
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"The Shape of Water" (lifetime domestic gross: $17,015,155)
There are a lot of romance movies out there, but very few are told with the grace, beauty, and imagination seen in director Guillermo del Toro's latest film "The Shape of Water." It is an unconventional fantasy romance that challenges the ideas of what it truly means to be human. For the second time in less than a year, Sally Hawkins gives an award-worthy performance. 5/5
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"Stronger" (lifetime domestic gross: $4,211,129)
The story of Boston bombing survivor Jeff Bauman. This is a powerful, emotional film that doesn't treat its protagonist as a saint & shows that a person can be a flawed, reluctant hero in times of tragedy. It manages to draw tears without ever feeling fake or schmaltzy. Jake Gyllenhaal & Tatiana Maslany are tremendous here. 4.5/5
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"The Disaster Artist" (lifetime domestic gross: $17,880,334)
This is a genuinely fantastic, ironic, & poignant film about pursuing your dreams, and never giving up, even if you aren't very talented & especially if you have a weird friend who has a mysterious source of obscene amounts of disposable income. It's an ode to dreamers, to friendship, and to not getting torn apart. Please do yourself a favor and see "The Room" beforehand. It truly is the best worst movie ever made. 5/5
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"Their Finest" (lifetime domestic gross: $3,603,484)
One of at least three movies from 2017 about the evacuation at Dunkirk. This is a film about the making of a movie about the evacuation intended to inspire British citizens during WWII. It is a remarkably acted film that is deeply satisfying, emotionally somber, and supremely witty. 4.5/5

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