Monday, April 2, 2018

Movie Review: "Tyler Perry's Acrimony" (2018)

Director: Tyler Perry
Year: 2018
Rating: R
Running Time: 2 hours, 0 minutes

A deranged woman tells the story of how she believes she was wronged by her ex-husband and conveys her intent on getting revenge.

If we were Tyler Perry, we wouldn't want our names plastered front and center on every piece-of-crap movie we ever made, especially "Acrimony."

As you may have already guessed, "Tyler Perry's Acrimony" is written by, directed by, and produced by Tyler Perry, who is best known for creating an unending supply of "Madea" films. This time around, Perry moves away from his beloved Madea and finds solace in his other favorite subject: dysfunctional relationships. The movie stars Taraji P. Henson as Melinda, who at the beginning of the story is court-ordered to attend anger management therapy for her harassment of her ex-husband Robert (Lyriq Bent) and his new fiance Diana (Crystle Stewart). She offers her therapist her side of the story to justify why she does what she does, which, as it turns out, is she because she is a remarkably unbalanced person with a borderline personality disorder. Despite her claims to the contrary, Melinda is a walking, talking negative stereotype.
Taraji P. Henson, mid-breakthrough, can't believe she's in this shit either. (Image Source)
For a decade now, people have referenced "The Room" as the worst movie ever made (or at least the worst romantic tragedy ever made). Tyler Perry looks to challenge Tommy Wiseau for the throne with his latest film "Tyler Perry's Acrimony." At least with Tommy Wiseau, everyone now knows he was an amateur filmmaker with zero experience and only a handful of unknown actors at his disposal. There's no excuse for Tyler Perry, a man who has made over 20 feature length films and has somehow regressed in his filmmaking "talents." Perry has spent his entire Hollywood existence cultivating himself as the all-doer, a triple-sometimes-even-quadruple-threat if we're (un)lucky enough to see him act in his own movies. Is it impressive than in this day and age, Perry answers to basically nobody and operates his own constantly-churning machine? Yes. Is it abhorrently self-indulgent that he brands each of his projects with his name emblazoned on every single title no matter how god-awful those pictures are? Yes. Here, he's working with fabulous actress Taraji P. Henson and even she can't save this project. It might be awe-inspiring that Perry can do it all, but because of this, the blame falls squarely 110% on his shoulders if something goes wrong...and something always goes wrong.
Oh, did we mention that Lyriq Bent's character Robert spends 18 years working on a self-rechargeable battery but ONLY EVER GOES TO ONE COMPANY TO TRY AND SELL HIS PRODUCT AND NEVER GETS ANOTHER STABLE JOB??? THE FUQ??? (Image Source)
"Tyler Perry's Acrimony" is a film loaded with unlikable characters doing over-the-top, melodramatic crap for 120 minutes. The story is absolutely ridiculous and the movie as a whole is unbelievably laughably bad. We mean that literally. When making a romantic drama/thriller, chances are, a filmmaker doesn't want the audience's reaction to their climactic scene to be one of uproarious laughter. Our viewing audience was laughing out loud at the bad drama at the end of the film during moments which are intended to be tense, stirring, and exciting. At one point, we had to hang our heads and laugh at how bad this movie was, from its story to its acting to its overdone theme. We had to physically stifle our laughter watching how bad the technical aspects of this movie were, keeping in mind that this project was released 2018, not 1998. A few scenes that are supposed to be shot outdoors in a park against a city skyline are obviously filmed on a green-screen to the point where it's apparent the characters in the foreground are literally walking in place. At one point, we see a river in the background with choppy water and trees swaying in what is clearly supposed to be a strong breeze, but Melinda's hair doesn't even flutter half an inch. The big finale takes place on a boat that is amazingly stable, almost as if it were solidly attached to the ground and not floating around in an open ocean. Keep in mind, these are just the technical aspects of "Acrimony" that are bad. Everything else is much, much worse.
Her hair looks perfect and still on a choppy boat in the middle of the ocean. Is it too much to ask for a little believability from a filmmaker with 20+ movies under his belt? (Image Source)
Tyler Perry has had opportunities some directors only dream of obtaining. He has made millions of dollars from his films. He's got millions of fans who watch his flicks no matter how bad they are. There is no justification for Tyler Perry offering up such a low-rent, amateurish product having made as many films as he has. As an audience member, you should demand better from directors that so clearly don't give a shit about their final product, or stop paying to see their work to get the message through to them. We want to give Perry the benefit of the doubt and hope that one day he makes a movie worth seeing, one that will change our minds about his work, but "Tyler Perry's Acrimony" isn't it. Not even close. Hell, his last five movies haven't even been close. One patron from our theater espoused as he exited the cinema, "this was the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life." It might not be the *absolute* worst we've ever seen, but it is pretty damn close, much closer than Tyler Perry is to directing a halfway decent film.

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My Rating: 1/10
BigJ's Rating: 1/10
IMDB's Rating: ~4.7/10
RT Rating: ~28%
Do we recommend this movie: AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

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