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Movie Review: "Cockneys vs Zombies" (2012)

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Movie"Cockneys vs Zombies"
Director: Matthias Hoene
Year: 2012
Rating: NR
Running Time: 1 hour, 28 minutes

A pair of construction workers bust open a sealed tomb, accidentally unleashing a zombie plague on the east end of London. Meanwhile, a pair of brothers named Terry (Rasmus Hardiker) and Andy (Harry Treadaway) plan to rob a bank in an effort to get the money needed to save their grandfather Ray's (Alan Ford) old folks home. They enlist the help of their cousin Katy (Michelle Ryan), their ex-con friend Davey (Jack Doolan), and a crazy thug and gun nut named Mental Mickey (Ashley Bashy Thomas). While committing their crime, the entire town in overrun by the living dead, and now the group must find a way to not only save themselves, but to get back to the old folks home to save their grandpa and his friends.

This film reminds us of a low budget version of a "Shaun of the Dead" style horror comedy. There are quite a few laughs throughout the film, real belly laughs, not just chuckles! It has some extremely humorous dialogue, as well as some dark slapstick. The typical dry British wit also comes into play during this movie and helps out a lot in the laughs department. The scene between an old man and his walker versus a hoard of zombies trying to chase him is one of the best in the film. It's quite fun to watch unfold, albeit rather slowly, and what better way to make a tense chase scene with a slow moving zombie?

There is no shortage of gore and blood in this film either, which is good for all you splatterhouse fans. There are many great scenes of craniums getting bashed in, faces and jaws getting ripped off, zombies feasting on intestines and innards, as well as heads and limbs getting blasted and blown clean off. The makeup work on the zombies themselves isn't the best we have seen. It's a rather basic pale skin look with a few open wounds and some blood. Plus, you can mostly tell that it's makeup, not real fake blood. The gritty gore makeup, however, looks quite awesome. When limbs and guts are getting blown all over the place, this is where the movie's makeup and effects shine. It's worth noting again that the zombies in this film are slow paced ones, not quick ones a la "28 Days Later," which we think contributes to us noticing the lack of makeup perfection on their faces and bodies.

The acting isn't anything stellar, but overall, it's serviceable. As mentioned above, the dialogue is funny yet cheesy and primarily consists of F-bombs and British slang, but really, it's a movie is called "Cockneys vs Zombies," so what were expecting, you silly muppet...Shakespeare?

In the end, despite its flaws, this movie was quite an enjoyable experience and a fun film to watch. You never know what interesting, entertaining horror movie you might find on Netflix when you're not even really looking.

My Rating: 8/10
BigJ's Rating: 8/10
IMDB's Rating: 5.9/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 70%
Do we recommend this movie: Yes!
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