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Weekend Box Office Results: August 7th, 2015 - August 9th, 2015

In surprising upset, "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation" beats flop of a film, "Fantastic Four"

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If you asked industry experts a week ago, most would have expected "Mission: Impossible - Rouge Nation" to drop to number two; but, in a surprising turn of events and defying the recent strength of comic book movie adaptation domination, it held its #1 spot at the box offices this weekend, pulling in another $29,400,000. Its two week total is now a respectable $108,654,207. It's not that "Rogue Nation" out-performed expectations, but that the predicted #1 film way under-performed, and rightfully so. This brings us to "Fantastic Four," or "Fant4stic," as was written on its posters. Most film insiders expected this movie to take claim weekend glory as comic book adaptations usually do. Unfortunately for Fox studios, due to production drama and the film being panned as one of the worst superhero movies of all time by critics and audiences alike, "Fant4stic" flopped flat on its face, pulling in just $26,200,000 in its opening weekend. This is also about half of what it was initially projected to earn. That's gotta string for Josh Trank and co. Coming in at #3 is the modestly budgeted suspense film "The Gift," pulling in $12,007,000 in its opening weekend. This film has high praise from moviegoers and critics and has already cleared its budget nearly two-fold. Finishing fourth this week is the raunchy comedy sequel/reboot  "Vacation,"  earning $9,145,000, bringing its domestic total to $37,324,780. Closing out the top five is Marvel studio's "Ant-Man,"  which added another $7,826,000 to its $147,436,546 domestic total.

This WeekDomestic Gross
1 Mission: Impossible - Rouge  Nation$29,400,000$108,654,207
2 Fantastic Four$26,200,0000$26,200,000
3 The Gift$12,007,000$12,007,000
4 Vacation (2015)$9,145,000$37,324,780
5 Ant-Man$7,826,000$147,436,546
6 Minions$7,370,280$302,724,400
7 Ricki and the Flash$7,000,000$7,000,000
8 Trainwreck$6,274,625$91,076,455
9 Pixels$5,430,000$57,645,304
10 Southpaw$4,764,000$40,725,841

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