Friday, July 28, 2017

July 2017 HorrorPack Subscription Box Review!

We're back with an unboxing of July 2017's HorrorPack subscription box! If you don't know about this service, each month, the company will send you four horror-themed DVDs or Blu-rays (and a different set of movies depending on which format you choose) right to your doorstep! The movies are yours to keep, which is the coolest part about it! What a neat service for fans of scary movies.

Let's jump into this month's box!
This first Blu-ray in this month's box is "The Babadook" (2014), a psychological horror drama. We reviewed this movie when it came out on video on demand several years ago and absolutely loved it. We don't own it, but we're sure glad to have it! That's the best thing about HorrorPack, they don't send just slasher movies. They send a wide variety of films from across all horror subgenres.
The next movie is one we had never heard of, 2014's "Killer Party." We were unsure of this one until we read the description. Per IMDb, "A group of friends get trapped at a baby shower when a mysterious outbreak starts turning people into homicidal maniacs." Sounds right up our alley! If it's anything like "Killer Pinata" from last month's HorrorPack, we will definitely enjoy this one. Apparently, "killer" in the title is the way to go!
The third film in this month's box is "Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz" (2013), which is apparently the third movie in this franchise. We've never heard of this series, but judging by the cover, this third entry is about nazi zombies in Russia?? We will have to begin this series from the beginning before we can watch this third entry, so be sure to stay tuned to this here website for the reviews come October's Halloween Horror Movie Marathon!
Finally, the last movie in the box is "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1978). 1978's version is our favorite version, and we don't already own it which is a huge plus! Donald Sutherland's creepy, iconic last frame of the movie will forever be etched into our brains, and we're stoked we get to re-watch this one on Blu-ray.

If you'd rather watch us unbox this and hear our in-depth thoughts on this box, take a look at our YouTube unboxing below!
Many thanks as always to HorrorPack for sending us this awesome package. If you'd like to subscribe to this service, click here to receive a discount on your first box!

Please be sure to check out HorrorPack all over the internet!

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