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Movie Review: "Eve" (2019)

Fablemaze and San Diego International Film Festival present "Eve" (2019) movie poster, starring Rachel Warren, Andrew Lee Potts, Jonathan Forbes, Christine Marzano, Ali Bastian, and Lex Shrapnel
Director: Rory Kindersley
Year: 2019
Rating: NR
Running Time: 1 hour, 16 minutes

A once well-known actress is sent down a road of madness when she loses a part she made famous to another performer.

Alex Beyer (Christine Marzan) dances in her home in a movie scene for the 2019 thriller film "Eve"
"Everybody wants what you've got."
After watching "Eve," the new film from Fablemaze, we were left one question and one question alone: why don't we have a giant slide in our living room?! This British mystery thriller is the second feature film directed by Rory Kindersley. Kindersley helped pen the screenplay with Drew Sherring-Hill. An actress (Rachel Warren) who is trying to make a comeback loses the role of Eve, a part she made famous, to another performer. This sends her down a spiraling path of jealousy and madness where she wants to exact revenge on an actress named Alex Beyer (Christine Marzano), the woman she believes is responsible for costing her the part. What first seems like threatening vandalism quickly escalates as Alex begins to fear for her life.

"Eve" is a film that explores the mental toll being an actor can take on those who have fallen from grace. A once-famous starlet who is no longer getting the roles she once filled is desperately trying to hang on to her former glory and is willing to do whatever it takes to claw her way back to the top of stardom. We have seen this subject tackled before in classics like "Sunset Blvd.," but it's nice to see this notion brought back to life for our more modern times. Along with writer Drew Sherring-Hill, director Rory Kindersley uses this subject to create a moody, taut, successful thriller. Whenever we see films that run on a limited budget, they can tend to look on the cheaper side (and understandably so). "Eve," on the other hand, is magnificently shot and is on par with any major studio film we've seen. The camera work sets a startling, jarring atmosphere, and it helps builds massive amounts of tension early on. The shooting location is also incredible. We're not sure if this location was scouted or if it was put together by a set designer, but it is the epitome of our dream home. From the colorful floors that look like they were yanked straight from a cartoon to the rainbow spiral staircase to the giant slide in the living room, we wish we could live there...minus all the blood on the walls and the stalker, of course. As for the story, we admit, "Eve" doesn't have the most tightly wound narrative. If you look closely, you might start to see a few flaws that can be picked apart. This didn't bother us much because we were engaged while watching Alex slowly discover the truth about who has been making her life a living hell. We also think that actresses Rachel Warren and Christine Marzano do a hell of a job bringing this story to life with their believable, rousing performances.
Eve (2019) movie still where Rachel Warren applies lip gloss in front of the camera
"You'll be amazed what someone will do to get noticed."
We had the opportunity to watch "Eve" as part of the San Diego International Film Festival this year. It will be released in 2020, so be sure you add this movie to your "to watch" list next year because it is a solid thriller that's sure to keep you on the edge of your seat until the credits roll!

My Rating: 7.5/10
BigJ's Rating: 6.5/10
IMDB's Rating: ---/10
RT Rating: ---%
Do we recommend this movie: Sure, why not?

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