Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Movie Review: "Jack Frost" (1997)

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Movie"Jack Frost"
Director: Michael Cooney
Year: 1997
Rating: R
Running Time: 1 hour, 29 minutes

Jack Frost is a convicted serial killer in a prison transport on his way to his execution. While traveling through the town where he was actually captured, due to a snow storm, his prison transport collides with truck transporting genetic materials. Jack gets drenched in the genetic chemical that spills from the truck, turning him into a living snow man that is out for blood and revenge.

We're never going to look at snow the same way again.

You may remember a movie named "Jack Frost" from the 90's where Michael Keaton dies and comes back to life as a snowman to reconnect with his young son. In fact, we reviewed it last year during the Christmas season. Well, this is not that movie. Sure, this particular "Jack Frost" is about a man who dies and comes back to life as a snowman, but this is no family friendly affair. This version came out the year prior and stars Scott MacDonald in the titular role. He plays serial killer Jack Frost who, after a car wreck with a genetic chemical truck, comes back from the experience as an evil snowman out to take revenge on the sheriff who caught him. His main goal is to wreak havoc and go on a murdering spree in the sheriff's small town. As a snowman, Jack throws out a lot of cool, punny one-liners as he often but not always kills his victims in some winter related ways. Some examples of these chilly deaths would be decapitation by a bobsled, someone getting impaled by icicle, or another person being force-fed Christmas ornaments, resulting in death. Come on, tell us that's not absolutely amazing. Now, to claim this film to be a good in the conventional sense of the word would not be accurate. It's chock full of bad acting, terrible dialogue, and has a ridiculous script and premise. However, all this being said, the film is something that is so ridiculous and so off the wall, it actually winds up being mildly entertaining despite how technically flawed it is as a whole. It definitely isn't going to offer up any scares in the way a typical horror movie, but it does manage to bring some laughs, most of which are intentional, but a lot of which were unintentional. Either way, it's about pure entertainment, and I honestly don't mind pun-filled films. I appreciate a good pun, but to make them almost always winter, snow, or Christmas related? That's gotta count for something. Maybe it's because we are a little twisted when it comes to our tolerance of low budget B-horror films and horror comedies, but we actually rather enjoyed this movie for what it is. If you aren't that type of person, it'd be best if you avoided this film at all costs, but if you are sort of oddballs like we are, grab some like-minded friends, pour some cinnamon whiskey into some warm spiced cider to get into the holiday mood, and get ready to have a good time. It also helps to go MST3K on "Jack Frost" as much as you can, and might even help you enjoy the movie a little bit more.

My Rating: 6.5/10
BigJ's Rating: 6/10
IMDB's Rating: 4.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 7%
Do we recommend this movie: Sure, why not?
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